Thursday, September 13, 2007

PhD Is Done! (almost)

I got my examination reports back for my PhD thesis, Stigmergic Collaboration: A theoretical framework for mass collaboration, and the prognosis is good!

Both of my extraordinarily esteemed examiners, Howard Rheingold and Francis Heylighen, have recommended that I be awarded my doctorate without further amendment. I am ecstatic and honored to have received such positive reviews from two of my personal heroes of original thought and research.

In the coming weeks I will be reviving this blog and mirroring the content at as well. I'm thinking of doing a blog series on my thesis - breaking it into more bite size chunks with links into the larger work. However I need to give this a bit more thought first. In the mean time, please feel free to peruse the online version of my thesis here:

- The (almost) in the title is due to the fact that I still need to submit bound hard copies to the university, and well, I still have the formal ceremony before I can legitimately prefix my name with the good ole 'Dr' :-).


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