Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ground Zero

This blog will serve as a locus for the working through of ideas related to the development of my research and understanding of stigmergic collaboration as originally outlined in my article, Stigmergic Collaboration: the evolution of group work. This is also likely to form the backbone of my PhD at the Centre for Ideas which is currently half completed (two-ish more years to go). I welcome any and all comments relevant to these posts and consider my work collaborative by nature. As such, another locus for the development of my research is at - a collaborative research project focusing on the development of collaborative research across disciplines with the long-term aims of producing a general theory of collaboration.

I consider the backdrop/context of my research to be that of 'cooperation studies', most notably developed by the CooperationCommons to which I contribute, however my research and orientation is decidedly transdisciplinary.

More to come soon…


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